Munapest 2021 | 6-10, April, 2021 | Budapest, Hungary |
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We would like to offer our participants a great educational value. This not only means the ability to gain practical skills by attending the conference but also offering a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and understanding before the event starts. In the weeks prior to Munapest, preparatory documents will be made available that are meant to share information with them regarding how to be a good delegate, chair or director, and then have a brief repetition directly before the conference itself. For this, templates will be shared in advance, as well as a renewed Rules of Procedure and comprehensive Topic Guides. However, it is important for us that each participant is well aware of their position and what lays ahead of them going into the conference, hence, we invite all participants to take part in our workshops during the Day 0. As a kick-off, the main narrative and structure of the conference will be explained alongside the reforms and how they are set up. This will be followed by role specific workshops.

Delegates’ workshop

Presidency workshop



       Rules of procedure

       Resolution writing

       How to become a Best Delegate?

       How to work without a Chamber setting?

       How to be present in a Chamber without disturbing the work there?

      Negotiation and Mediation tips

       Munapest Standards

       How to implement the rules of procedure correctly?

       How to handle disturbing delegates?

       How to work with a crisis?

       Best practices