23 - 27 April, 2019 | Budapest, Hungary |
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Munapest 2019 will feature six traditional Session based Chambers: three UN bodies, one security cooperation, a traditional international organisation, and an economic policy and advisory council. Besides these, there will be a joint session of two collective defense treaties and two additional, informal system-supporting corps.

Individual chamber topics are not only similar in some regards but overlap in others, approaching the main narrative of the conference from different angles. In the system of Interconnectivity, a single chamber cannot be successful on its own – addressing global challenges requires cooperation between a variety of actors. The aim of Munapest 2019 is to present participants with a more dynamic, more challenging, and ultimately more engaging MUN experience.

The rise of a multipolar world order -
regional powers growing global

“There’s no question that the post-Soviet world order is undergoing a seismic shift.” – as a forecast of the Global Security Review says. The establishment of a multipolar world order where power is once again evenly distributed may seem like a far-fetched idea for some, however, the tendency of small steps towards states gradually questioning the legitimacy of a system based on the supremacy of the United States of America is indisputable. The question we seek to answer is: which fields furnish an opportunity for rising powers to step into the spotlight? Therefore, we have chosen bodies of the United Nations and International Organisations with relevant topics that may provide a heated debate to participants from all over the world to get to know these areas and answer our question.

You can find the countries represented in each Chamber in our Country Matrix.

United Nations Security Council

Brief topic: The rapid rise of asymmetric and hybrid warfare poses a great threat not only on national but on supranational level as well. For this very reason the United Nations Security Council will work on to tackle any non-state or allegedly state-sponsored attacks.

United Nations Environment Assembly and Governing Council

Brief topic: The US announcement of leaving the Paris Agreement shows a great concern about the future environmental shape of Earth. The task of this committee will be to manage the possible consequences of climate change and the situation of the northern trading route.

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Brief topic: As President Donald Trump announced the US Space Force program a seemingly settled situation resurfaces: Is space a “common heritage of man” or does it have the potential to launch a new path of competition? This very chamber’s tasks are to answer this question and to put boundaries to preserve the outer space.

Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Brief topic: This very committee will have a wide variety of topics to deal with from managing border control and combating human and arms trafficking to developing education with a focus on minorities migration, tolerance and non-discrimination. Furthermore, the possible consequences of climate change the safety preservation of the northern trading route shall be on the agenda as well.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Brief topic: As NATO has been constantly criticized for not disbanding after the Cold War, it is is controversial to see other military organisations being established. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization shows characteristics mainly that of a normal international organisation, however its potential, its vision and some of its recent trends pointing towards closer cooperation opposing western dominance gives plenty of reason for western powers to keep track of its activity. These states might be able to cooperate against 21st Century challenges or even be those challenges to one another. Either way, they have much to talk about.

Council of Europe

Brief topic: The phenomena of ’illiberal democracies’ questions that only liberal democracies can thrive and succeed. The Council of Europe’s main focus shall be to find a way to promote democracy and the rule of law without interfering in a nation-state’s autonomy as well as to bring a healthy balance between economic success and individual freedom.

G20 – Economic Policy and Advisory Council

Brief topic: As the main gathering of the 20 most powerful countries in the world, the G20 is carrying a huge weight on its shoulder to sustain a stable and healthy global economy and financial system. In 2019 various issues are on the table for the economic leaders:


  • Several development banks emerged with different leadership, requirements and goals, challenging the already established system of the IMF and WTO. A polarization fueled by competition may be counterproductive and undermine the prosperity of the regional developments. One of the main topics of this summit will be to decide whether one global development bank is needed or should they work on a regional level with more specific source of financing but with similar agenda and measures.
  • The recently escalated trading tension poses a potential risk and instability in our current global economic system. The conflict between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China and other agreements questioned by the United States (NAFTA for example) affects various countries within and outside the G20. While there is a chance that any two parties might settle their issues, support from third parties could make the process easier and more effective in avoiding an all out trade-war which could hinder the prosperity and growth of the nations.
  • 10 years after the global financial crisis, one of the longest growth period in the global economy has taken place. In the last 2-3 years several economists and economic institutes raised their voice about an upcoming fallout which could be nearly as devastating as the last one. For this very reason the G20 shall discuss how to prevent or to mitigate the damage of such an event, and it shall also consider making the possible steps such as multilateral agreements or establishing a framework for future policies.

Diplomatic Corps

Brief topic: As the CD is an irregular chamber with the purpose to connect the work of each member of the represented state’s Delegation and fill in on spots where representation might be lacking, delegates of the CD have to have a general understanding of all topics within the conference. They should help the Head Delegate in developing a general approach to the conference.

Press Corps

Brief topic: The Press Corps will, by its very nature, not have a separate topic. In reality the task of Press Corps members will be to gain a general understanding of individual chambers and serve the purpose of the News Agency itself. In terms of debate, they might be engaged in a debates with their fellow Press Corps members but their main focus should be to extend information throughout the whole conference.