Munapest 2021 | 6-10, April, 2021 | Budapest, Hungary |
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Munapest is a professional conference that focuses not only on professional advancement but also on giving an opportunity to participants from all around the world to build social capital. Friendships, future business relationships are easily formed during the extracurricular events of the conference. Memories of dancing until dawn and watching the sunrise from Gellért Hill while having world-redeeming conversations are forever.

We will show you the real nightlife of Budapest, including its buzzing atmosphere and the constant warm vibes that amazing people can give you. During the week, all participants will be invited to exclusive parties to maximize the Munapest and Budapest experience.

About the Socials

Considering the fact that people from many different countries will meet at the conference, we, the Organisers, would like to make sure that all of the participants have the possibility to introduce their culture to the others on the Multicultural Night. Let it be your secret talent of singing, dancing, a traditional folkdance, we are all open-heartedly waiting for you to show us that piece of your home, if you are eager to do so!

The Diplomats’ Soirée is held up on Gellért Hill, where the participants can get the perfect view of the city at sunset, including the Parliament, the Chain Bridge and the hill itself. This black tie event is a formal reception, requiring such dress code.
Participants have the opportunity for a higher level of networking, including ambassadors, directors of related institutions, delegates and their fellow chamber members as well, with a glass of champagne. After listening to speeches and openings, or having taken hundreds of sunset photos, the participants may move to the next station of their night, which is usually a fancier social party.

On Day 0, the Sightseeing Tour takes place, where the participants can not only get to know the gems of Budapest and their future familiar routes for the week, but also meet their chamber members before the sessions. With the help of the Event Coordination Team, all can get to the heart of Budapest in daylight and try out different Hungarian specialties, such as handcrafted lavender ice cream on their way to the next sight.
Professional opportunities are also provided in forms of workshops of various levels and topics for all chambers. Last but not least, the awaited meeting of the Organising Team and the participants can finally also take place in person.

One of the most gracefully elegant social of the week is the fancy, business Committee Dinner, where tasty Hungarian dishes, networking opportunities and professional connections are served in a historic and fancy ballroom. Each year, participants can enjoy this evening with their new acquaintances and their own home delegations, while taking amazing professional photos and planning where to go next. The Dinner is followed by a loose and fun social party with well-fed diplomats enjoying the nightlife of Budapest.