MUNapest 2017 Summary


As a result of international push towards a peaceful solution of the issue, the government of Colombia started negotiations between FARC and the people. Although there were though weeks following the first day of negotiations, in the end a resolution has arrived and members of FARC could finally reintegrate into society and became its useful members. For now, Colombia stands more united than in the past 50 years.


Due to the ingenuity of Russian diplomacy and...

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[FINAL UPDATE] Chaos is now in Order

Go wild.

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[Statement] by the Holy See

Brothers and Sisters of God,

The Holy See is delighted that today’s topic of the GA is the reform of the UN. We are in the holy period of Easter. Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, is the Holy Day of Obligation, that marks the end of the Holy Week.

Obligation. It is the priority of the UN and the obligation of the international community to ensure peace, development, and to protect human dignity.

Reform. Reform should be regarded as a...

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Muslim Nations rally behind Saudi Arabia, defying Iran's claim to represent Islam

Following todays heated debate at the GA, other muslim countries back Saudi Arabia in its claim to be the best fit for a middle-easterns permanent representation in the SC.

Over 750 million Muslims Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Malaysia, Yemen, Niger and Afghanistan embraced Saudi Arabia as the only nation capable of fighting for Muslim interests, "due the its strength, integrity and humbleness, mashallah.", as the joint statement reads.

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Iran persecutes all Non-Shias - Everyone welcome in Saudi Arabia

As Iran continues to persecute anyone who is not a Shia Muslim (Sunni Muslim, Christian, Jewish and so on ), Saudi Arabia is actively welcoming anyone who does not feel at home in Iran.

To help people escape this oppressive regime, the Kingdom has set up a fund to help anyone escape Iran en help them with housing and a job in Saudi Arabia.

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Iran questions Saudi Arabias claim ro represent Islam

The delegate of Iran brought the ruckus the GA. First, it doubted Saudi Arabias claim to be representative for Muslims worldwide. The delegate said that should there be a middle-eastern state to join the SC permanently,it must be Iran, for it was "a great state".

Secondly, the delegate of Iran accuses the delegate of the US to be "least honorable".

Thridly, the delegate of Iran calls Iran a "most peaceful" nation. 

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