23 - 27 April, 2019 | Budapest, Hungary |
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The International Diplomatic Student Association is a Budapest-based organisation for university students. IDSA was founded five years ago by a group of university students, who wanted to have a friendly community of young individuals who are interested in the trends and affairs of international relations that define our age and who were looking for ways to make a difference in this world.

As one of the most important goals of IDSA is to raise awareness to the events shaping the geopolitical landscape, IDSA is constantly involved in the organisation of numerous conferences and lectures on the topic of international relations, economics and other connected fields. Besides these, IDSA also holds closed trainings for its members to help them acquire certain soft skills that are crucial for career-building. Furthermore, the organisation has a weekly MUN Club, where the members can learn the basics of “MUN-ing”, such as critical thinking, civilized debating, mutual respect of opinions and personalities and getting familiar with the Rules of Procedure. IDSA also sends delegations to several international MUNs each year where the members can try themselves and the skills they acquired at the MUN Club. Members of IDSA have attained many Best Delegate awards at MUN conferences all over Europe in the previous years.

Nevertheless, IDSA not only serves as a professional environment but is also a loving community. We organise camps, movie nights, parties and also have a personal mentoring program, so while our members develop professionally, they can also make long-lasting friendships that serve as the foundation of IDSA and which ensured its longevity for five years now.

For more information about IDSA, check out our website: http://idsa.hu/