Munapest 2021 | 6-10, April, 2021 | Budapest, Hungary |
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Frequently Asked Questions

You must fill out our application form which will be available on this website once registration period starts on the 3rd January 2019.

As soon as we receive the form, you will be informed via e-mail, whether the application was successful or not. In case of a successful application, you will be required to pay the participation fee within the following 10 days.  

Delegations can apply by filling out the delegation application form which will be available on this website once registration period for delegations starts on the 1st December.

The form must be filled out by all members of the Delegation, who must provide us with the name of the Delagation, their preferred choice of country as a Delegation and preferred choice of Chamber as an individual. The delegation will be informed as soon as possible about the success of the application, after which the participation fee must be paid within the following 10 days.

In case you wish to participate as a Chair during Munapest 2020, you will be required to fill out the regular registration form which will be available on this website once registration period starts on the 18th November.

As an applicant, you will be invited to an interview by the Organisers in January/February to decide whether your application is successful. Following the decision, successful Chairs will be required as well to pay the registration fee within 10 days of the final decision.

After your application was accepted by the Organisers, you will be informed via email about out payment possibilities. The fee shall be paid within 10 days after you have received the email. By applying as a participant, you are required to bear any additional transaction cost of payment. Confirmation of the payment will be sent to you via email and you will receive your receipt during the conference.

In case you are not allowed to make international transactions or facing problems upon payment, please contact us on so we can find an alternative payment method.

If we do not receive the participation fee from you despite our notifications, you might lose your position as a participant.

Once you have transferred the money to the given bank account you will get an email from us confirmation that the transaction have been accepted. Please take into consideration that international bank transfers may take up to 1-2 days, therefore, we can only send you the confirmation email once it has been secured.

Once the registration period ended, all participants will receive the country allocation and schedule individually in March. Please, check our Facebook page as well, since we regularly update it with information about Munapest 2020.

For further questions, you can reach us by writing to

Paying the participation fee ensures lunch, snacks and refreshments 15-18th April, training for chairs prior to the conference, attendance at our workshops on Day 0, entry to our exclusive social events, three-course meal at our formal reception public transport pass for foreign delegates and all conference material including the Participants’ welcome pack. The fee does not cover accommodation and travel to and from Budapest.

Yes, upon request, we can provide you a Letter of Invitation stating your participation in Munapest 2019 which can be used during the acquisition process.

For request, please contact us at

All cancellation of individuals or delegations must be given in writing to

If the written cancellation is received by the Organisers until 9th February, full refund will be issued.

If the written cancellation is received by the Organisers until 29th February, 50% of the participation fee will be refunded.

If the written cancellation is received by the Organisers after 29th February, we are not able to refund your fee.

However, if you are not able to attend the conference due to exceptional personal circumstance or due to being denied a Visa for Hungary, please contact the Head of Administration at and the Conference Manager at who shall consider each request on its own merits. The decision of the Conference Manager is final.