Munapest 2021 | 6-10, April, 2021 | Budapest, Hungary |
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The Heart of Hungary

Our amazing capital, Budapest is ideally situated along the bank of the glorious river Danube. The hills of Buda with the plains of Pest are connected by magnificent bridges, such as the Chain Bridge and the Liberty Bridge, but to capture the most beautiful sight of Budapest, it is worth walking across the Margaret Bridge.

The capital is a tourists’ paradise with its trove of great buildings ranging in architectural styles from gothic and baroque to neoclassical and art nouveau. As you stand on the riverside let your gaze wander from the Fisherman’s Bastion, all the way through the Buda Castle running onto Gellért Hill. Exploring further, you will stumble upon the Andrassy Avenue, and while following its course, you arrive at the spectacular Heroes Square, Széchenyi Baths and Vajdahunyad Castle.

Wandering the streets downtown, you will encounter a large selection of museums telling tales about art and history, restaurants of different cultures and atmospheres, theatres with more and more breathtaking architecture.

And when you are feeling full of culture, art and knowledge after having experienced the fascinating everydays of Budapest, there come the ruinpubs and clubs – all of which gives the city its bustling ambience, permanent memories to be remembered decades from now, alongside with all the amazing and open-minded people you meet here. Visitors will be inspired by the Budapest vibe and collect newly exciting cultural experiences, as there is always something that smells like new beginnings here!