Munapest 2020 | 14-18, April, 2020 | Budapest, Hungary |
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Until Munapest the Photography team only consists of the Head and team members will be recruited with Staff a few weeks prior to the conference. Máté as the Head of Photography leads his team and prepares them for the busy days of the conference. He is a member of the Management of Munapest 2019 and the photographer of the organising team during the year.

Máté started his photography work in 2012 when he got his first DSLR camera. Originally he is an airplane photographer but he is also interested in landscapes and people of course. He currently studies at Corvinus University of Budapest, the venue of Munapest, and in his freetime he tries to develop as a photographer and is interested in aviation too. Everything which is related to flying is a sweet spot for him. Máté’s big dream is to become a commercial pilot, so as a start, he made his glider pilot licence in 2016.