Munapest 2020 | 14-18, April, 2020 | Budapest, Hungary |
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Throughout the years, PGAs have always enjoyed a highly respective role being Secretariat member and chairing the General Assembly. Kornél as the President of the General Assembly this year is, however, responsible for more than chairing the General Assembly and helping to enhance the Rules of Procedure. This year, we have  established a mentoring and teaching period to prepare the Presidents of Chambers to deliver their duties according to Munapest standards. For this, Kornél is considered the President of Presidents, or a doyen, representing a link between the Secretariat and the professional team.

As a law student, he has learnt how to stick to the rules and norms of international diplomacy, therefore during the conference he will oversee that the participants act according to the Rules of Procedure. Since Kornél is the President of Presidents, this year he has to give up on his tradition of not wearing a tie at the General Assembly. Besides not wearing a tie, his hobby is playing tennis.