Munapest 2020 | 14-18, April, 2020 | Budapest, Hungary |
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Gergő as the Secretary-General is the professional leader of the conference and the Professional Branch. His task is to oversee the establishment of the conference’s framework, its filling with professional content, the human resources management of the Organising Team and communication, let it be inner or outer. Gergő is currently studying International Security and Defense Studies at the University of Public Service in Hungary. As this is his final year of his MSc, he will most probably also end his years of MUN, and he really wanted to honour his last chance of serving his student organisation and conference.

His hobbies, quite obviously include MUN but what he could earn from it was mostly the everlasting friendships and experience. Besides that he likes sports (playing, strictly not watching), has a passion for music that most people would most probably not like and diving deep into emotionally and mentally heavy movies. He would like to continue his career in the field of euro-atlantic defense cooperation in the long run.

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