Munapest 2020 | 14-18, April, 2020 | Budapest, Hungary |
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The Director of the General Assembly position was implemented during Munapest 2018 with a Crisis Team member having been asked to carry out the tasks of a director of a chamber.
During Munapest 2019 the main activities and responsibilities of this position will be broader. Dorina as the Director of the General Assembly is entrusted with the preparation of all Presidents to be able to carry out their tasks related to directing, and she is the one who supervises the Presidents’ daily work of proceeding with their individual topic establishments.

Dorina is an Alumni member one of the organiser associations, IDSA, through which she first met with the concept of MUN. Since then, she has always been an enthusiast of MUNs. Dorina has been chairing the Security Council most of the time, though she has participated in many conferences as a delegate before. MUN conferences made her realise her profound interest in diplomacy, debating and negotiations. She also has a passion for foreign languages, cultures and travelling.