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Mr. Ujvári missing

16:16 7th April

Contrary to his claim of getting an offer for a vacation, Mr. Márton Ujvári, representative of Korean Central News Agency has been missing for a while and...

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Comrade Ujvári honoured for his exemplary service

10:51 7th April

The Supreme Leader thanked Comrade Márton Ujvári for his outstanding work combating imperialist lies during MUNAPEST 2018. He did not only report on the happenings of the conference,...

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Kim Jong Un opens first uranium mine of the DPRK

9:14 7th April

The supreme leader congratulated the geologists who discovered the deposit and shared knowledge with them about the best practices for fast uranium extraction. The people of the DPRK celebrated in the streets.

“We now have almost completely fulfilled Juche, the...

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French statement

8:58 7th April

"The delegation of France would like to respond to allegations of supporting ethnic cleansing. The French delegation sent to the BBC  their statement that said ethnic cleansing will be tolerated however it was a typo and of course the delegation of...

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Daily MUN Horoscopes

8:52 7th April


Aries - March 21 to April 19 
You may find love in some pretty weird situations today, but that doesn't mean it won't be deeply meaningful. Perhaps your love interest-to-be has the kind of interest that your...

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SOCHUM Resolution

17:55 6th April

SOCHUM Resolution

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